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Monday, September 27, 2010

It's been a while...

Yes, I know, I'm falling behind on my blog and keeping it updated.  Or semi-updated.  Nothing exciting has happened in the writing arena, at least not yet.  (Though I DO have a cool idea for a book of a different color.  More will come of that at a later time.)

I've been editing the plethora of novels (mostly Banshee, Heiress, and Betrayal, but also two others that are in the works) while dealing with the usual gammet of problems.  Like a certain 2nd grade boy who doesn't want to do his homework, a little 4 year old whose diva/princess complex tends to get her into trouble, and the start of a celebration to take place in two years that involves my co-writer.  Speaking of my co-writer, he also moved in at the start of June last year!  YAY!!!!! 

He now has a job at a place he was wanting to work when he went to college for psychology (we won't go there. At all.  Ever.) before realizing what he wanted to do, wasn't gonna happen.  So, now he's finally working there and loving it, for the most part.  The downside, is we haven't managed to figure out when or how to get our writing done.  It'll come.  Eventually.  Besides, we have plenty of time to get the novels written and edited.  Why?  Because we wrote Heiress for fun, for us.  Sure, we want to be published and have the really awesome title of "published author", but it isn't a requirement for us.  After all, how many people can honestly say they've written x-many novels?  It's not something EVERYONE can do, just like being published isn't something everyone can manage.  (Not including self-publishing here, etiher.)

On the bright side of things, I now have a kick-ass query letter and short pitch thanks to a VERY awesome friend out in LA.  (Thanks, Stan, for all your help!!!  It's greatly appreciated!)

I've been doing lots of crafts to keep me occupied and have fallen in love with doing crafty stuff with ribbon.  I've also been doing crafts involving ceramic tiles (think kitchen, bath, and floors), photos, and modpodge.  They make GREAT coasters (after you cover them with a stain of sorts) or even plate holders.  I'll eventually have a tutorial for it, complete with photos.  (I've already got a tutorial on May Arts for ribbon roses.  I still need to do the one for turning them into a bouquet, though...)

Halloween is just around the corner, so who knows what else I'll get into between now and then.