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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back in the Writer's Seat Again

Sooooo..... I'm back in the writer's seat again and ready to continue upon my murder mystery.  I plotted out some with my soon-to-be-husband (10 months and counting!) the other night and, sorta, know where to go.  For once, I'm not killing off the mother either prior to the novel or during the novel.  Shocking, I know, but something has to be different, right?  Besides, hopefully it'll help people 'bond' with the character more and give our sweet Fi (yes, like wi-fi or 'hi') more depth.

It's not easy going, though!  Especially since I'm writing in 1st-person with a good deal of sass and snark thrown in for good measure.  The sucky part is, I've only managed to write just under 15, 000 words.  Which means, I'm not even a fourth of the way through since I'm aiming for 80k.  80k is a good number, no?

With luck, we'll have it done in time for the wedding.  Hopefully.  For those who are trying to figure out what that would come to per day, it would be around 214 words a day.  hmmmmm.... It's possible!!!  Though, not really likely since I don't write some days and I'm pretty sure there's gonna be plenty of days when I'm too busy with wedding stuff, family, friends, or holidays to write.

At least it's a goal, right?