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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Ok, I'm still trying to get over the trip back from San Diego. The Con was a blast, the beach was fun, the traveling was hell. Overall, a great trip!!! Next goal: New York Comic Con at some point. :-) What can I say... I'm a glutton for punishment. Right! Teaser Tuesday! This is from yet another novel we completed that will need editing for stuff, like usual. One of my favorite arguments between a character and Xantos. The setup: Vaania has gone to the castle decked out to the 9's so she can get the info she needs to find out who killed her best friend. (She's also been hired by the Royal Family to find out the same info, so she's killing two birds with one stone...). Anywhos, she went in disguise but was found-out by the king (former merc... what can ya do?) and the Family immediatly did what they could to keep anyone else from blowing her cover. (They like her, btw.) Xantos has his own agenda, like usual, and decides to pay the bounty hunter a visit. Xantos, for those who aren't familiar, isn't a nice guy. He's the farthest thing from a nice guy you can get.... though he does has the occassional moment... Teaser: "Tell me about that glorious cloak you were wearing." Xantos invited as he brought a small bottle from the depths of his cloak and opened it. "Bring me two goblets as well, Vaania. I have something for you to drink with me." Vaania crossed to a small cabinet and removed two pale green crystal goblets. As she crossed to Xantos, she answered his request. Or was it an order? "I was one my way to the castle and was passing Drakeshire when I noticed it in the tree line." She shrugged as she offered him the goblets. "I was lucky to bring it down with two arrows." "Do you know what you killed?" Xantos asked with a bemused smile. He poured an odd, green liquid into the goblets. He placed one before her, took the other, and sipped his beverage. Vaania tilted her head to the side as she took a goblet. "No, I do not. I do know I've never seen anything like it before." She glanced at the beverage then back to him and took a tentative sip. "It is a sagtral; one of the most ancient animals still living in these lands. You were lucky indeed." Xantos nodded to her. "They are weakest during their mating season... otherwise, even two arrows in the heart would not have felled it." "They live solely in Drakeshire?" Vaania asked curiously. "Why would it have been on the outer edge of Drakeshire?" "Drakeshire is, for the most part, one of the last untamed areas of Faedale." Xantos commented. "How is your drink?" Vaania eyed the drink with a mingled expression of curiosity and distaste. "It... is different. I mean no offense when I say I prefer the sweeter drinks to this type." She took another tiny sip, trying to ignore the taste of sour apples. If she wanted sour, she'd suck on a lemon. Xantos chuckled. "Few people enjoy it. I find that only being who have lived for over six centuries tend to find a taste for it, but I am always looking to see if someone new does. Now... tell me why you were at the party at Dragonsheart castle... in disguise." Vaania sat the goblet on a nearby table and sighed. "I went to meet a contact there; they didn't want to be seen talking to a known bounty hunter. My contact stated they would not be talking to the royals, either, due to fearing for their life." "Then you acted sensibly. And did you enjoy your dance with An'odd?" Xantos asked. Vaania blushed and she hated herself for it. "Yes, I enjoyed dancing with him." "You wanted to stay and be with him more, didn't you?" Xantos's smile was impish, and knowing. "Or did you want him to come here, with you, more?" Vaania glowered at Xantos, refusing to answer, though she knew her cheeks were answering plenty for her. "Regardless of how I feel, I'm not one to give in to my feelings for a single night. Can we please change the topic? I doubt my... feelings towards An'odd are that important when I won't be seeing him again." "I think your feelings are paramount, in this regard." Xantos said. "Now, your answers, Vaania." "As you wish, Lord Zaurahel," Vaania replied darkly, not liking having her answers forced from her. "I would have enjoyed spending more time with An'odd." She paused before asking smoothly, "Are you planning on killing me now, or shall I write out my last will and await the assassins?" "Not at all." Xantos said, his demeanor quickly becoming more jovial. "Nor would I object to him coming to your residence... although you should have some more flattering sleepwear for that occasion." He looked over her outfit. "Yes, something more intimate and flattering would be in order." "Perhaps I prefer comfort to beauty," Vaania retorted, her face growing warmer by the moment. Though the thought was enticing, she wasn't going to allow it to be anything more than a dream. "I have no intentions of inviting him here, let alone seeing him again. In case you haven't noticed, I don't exactly qualify as a suitable mate for him." "I have noticed a great deal." Xantos countered. "Most notably that you tend towards underestimating your worth in every regard except the bounty hunting trade." Vaania glanced away from the docelfar briefly before looking back to him. "It isn't as though I've had much encouragement to the contrary. I'm a bit jaded in that regard." She narrowed her gaze and asked bluntly, "Did you come to ask about why I was at the party? Or discover if I have any intentions towards An'odd?" She paused as an impish gleam flared in her eyes. "Or was this a social call to discover what sleep wear I possess and subsequently fuss at me about it?" "All of the above, and for reasons you are obviously too impassioned to comprehend." Xantos stood, draining his goblet. "I allow you one more question before I take my leave." He corked the bottle and placed it back into his robe. "What right do you have to dictate my, or anyone's, life?" Vaania snapped. "You intrude into my privacy, complain about my attire, and demand to know if I enjoyed dancing with someone who it's known you're protective of. Do I look like I have a death wish?" She snorted in a very unladylike way, adding, "Forgive me, that is two questions. I won't expect you to answer the last." "I work towards improving lives, whether the person has the insight to see it or not." Xantos smiled. "You look like someone who regrets sleeping alone." "I have many regrets, Xantos," Vaania replied. "Does it matter if that is one of them?" "Yes, it does." Xantos said, vanishing in a burst of green light and fire. "Bastard," she hissed, turning and stalking into her bedroom.
Monday, July 20, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

A fun scene that ends up being a running joke throughout the novels. We typically try to weave it into each novel because, come on... Undead cats leading a horde of undead rats? how fun is THAT?? (Sorry, GG, but... it was thought up and written before AW...) Anywhos, thoughts and opinions are welcomed!!!
Quickly, she descended the side of the wall before crossing the yards to the trench. She wrinkled her nose; the smell was awful! A mingling of sewage, decaying flesh, and human waste wafted from the murky water. Swallowing hard, she closed her eyes and raised her hand, as trained by ArcC’ldd and Xantos, she spoke the words for raising a familiar. “Arwyrain ‘th chan ‘r farw adfer ail ackt buzheda.” The words flowed from her lips as though she had been born saying them. A sickly green glow flowed from her hand and sank into the trench, seeking out the dead bodies which lay within the brown, putrid depths. From the trench the once-dead bodies of rats and cats rose from the murky depths. The bodies, in various stages of decay, rose and waded through the cesspool to the ground she was standing on. She grinned impishly and pushed the hood back from her face. Well, she thought, might as well have some fun here. Her eyes swept around her and she realized, suddenly, there were more than three dozen undead bodies swarming from the trench. This is more than I expected! Her grin grew wider and brighter as she moved backwards from the edge as more joined the group. She stopped counting at fifty rats. Instead she chewed her lip and began thinking of how to properly phrase the command she wanted. Feeling eyes upon her, she raised her golden gaze to the room she had just departed; in the window she saw her brother and father. Her gaze narrowed and she gazed slowly around her. The number of rats was still growing, though the cats had stopped at around three dozen. Swallowing hard, she pulled the hood up around her head. “Seek out those who put you here... take away what is theirs.” From beneath her hood she watched as the rats and cats, ranging from skeletons to bodies with flesh falling off and innards showing, to barely appearing dead, streamed by her as though they were a river and she a rock in the middle. She waded through the stream of undead and made her way back to the side of the manor and, again, quickly climbed the side of the building. As she pulled herself up onto the sill, she tossed her head making the hood fall backwards. Sitting on the sill she looked at her father’s smiling face and asked innocently, “Will that work for a suitable distraction?” She glanced to the horrified expression on her brother’s face before furrowing her brow in confusion. “Something wrong, Cari? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost…or something.”
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd Teaser Tuesday Teaser

Ok, so this is from another not-finished novel in Xandra's series, but it's still one of my favorites.  Hopefully it conveys the scene well enough you can imagine it.  :-)  Either way, I loved writing it.  Oh, and excuse the formatting; I did this via email using an email client, so you might just be better off reading the one below. ;-)

The Setup:  Xandra has been plagued with assassination attempts and her beloved gods-parents have currently become the guests of honor at a ball thrown by Xandra's parents, the King and Queen of Faedale.  Since neither Ryna nor Kyis are comfortable with being the center of attention (assassin and bounty hunter, respectively), Xandra is dared into dancing by her childhood friend, Alyn, who is also Ryna and Kyis's son.  The problem with this is, Alyn was Xandra's first love and she still loves him which is probably why he can still coax her into doing almost anything....  Or dare her, as the case may be.

And now... On with the show!!!!


"... has long enjoyed the dance methods of the Eastern Lands..."  Syion was continuing in the ballroom.  "So, for her delight, and yours, we have a performance, in her honor, of one of those fabled styles.  Please welcome to this platform... the dancer known as... Cengla!"

Dropping the cloak, she, she raised her hands in a way that mimicked a snake rising from the ground and she began to slowly shimmy her hips until the beads of her hip-cloth were but a blur.  Twirling, she began moving around the platform until she stood just before her husband and Alyn.  Holding her arms out to the side and raising her hair up seductively, she rocked her hips from side to side suggestively.  Slowly, she bent backwards, still shaking her hips, the rising slowly and dropping her hips once more.

Winking at both men, she began twirling around until she stood once more in the middle of the platform.  Her hips once more swayed with the music suggestively for several more heartbeats before rolling them in perfect figure-eights.

Glancing down, she saw with satisfaction that both Segav and Alyn's eyes were locked onto her, burning with desire.  Alyn had his hands clasped so tightly at his waist that the knuckles were white.

The figure-eights slid easily into her hips snapping from the left to right before she once more began her undulating dance around the platform.

Pausing on the opposite side of the platform from where Alyn and Sega were watching, she began once more rocking her hips from side-to-side in sharp twists and circular turns.  Twirling once, she leaned backwards towards the pair and smiled broadly as she rose back up and twirled around from edge of the platform.

A quick glance at the larger raised platform showed Ryna smiling brightly at her, and Kyis was staring, his mouth agape.  She smiled under her veil as she closed her eyes, letting her body move and sway with the music.  She held her hands above her head and moved her hips; letting the muscles in her abdomen ripple up and down in the dance.

Slowly moving in a circle, she shoved her right hip out with each turn, adding a twist each time she pulled it back in.  Slowly, she took prancing steps towards the front of the platform, snapping her hips out with each step.  As she neared the edge of the platform, she shimmied her hips before twirling in a slow circle.  Stopping with her back to the audience, she rolled her hips in circles before taking steps where each hip was thrust to the side.  Between the steps, she added an extra twist, snap, or drop. 

The smile beneath her veil grew as she stole another glance to Alyn and Segav.  She allowed herself to acknowledge her surprise and delight that her father had not realized she was dancing.  Adding a small hop before rocking her pelvis forward and backward before twisting it into circles with small hops between to the side, she allowed herself to believe Xolyn would not realize what was occurring until after the dance was finished.

"Alixandra Myriata Dredborne Dryzmella!"  A far-too familiar hissed in a low tone.  At least he isn't screaming, Xandra thought, even as her dismay settled into her stomach.  Trying to keep the tempo and rhythm of her body going, she opened her eyes, which found her father immediately. 

Xolyn stood between Segav and Alyn.  His hands were on his hips, and the expression on his face was like a thundercloud that promised disaster, if it wanted to be merciful.  Segav was glancing sideways at her father, and he did not bother to hide his displeasure at Xolyn's attitude.  Alyn was far too busy looking at her to look at Xolyn.

Aly stepped behind Xolyn, a laughing smile on her lips.  Xandra forced herself to keep her body moving with the music, encouraged by her mother's nod as Aly placed a hand on Xolyn's shoulder.

"If you're quite done making the guests drool, young lady, perhaps you'd consent to finishing up and putting on some actual clothing?"  Xolyn growled at her, still keeping his voice low.  Xandra kept dancing, not wanting to stop before the music.  Aly whispered something in Xolyn's ear, but it obviously did not have the desired effect:  The frown on Xolyn's face turned into a grimace of anger.  He turned and said something which caused Aly's eyes to blaze at him.

"No one would realize her identity if you hadn't made this absurd scene!"  Xandra heard her mother hiss at Xolyn.  Xandra could feel the music was near its end, and she was grateful.  Alyn had not taken his eyes off her, and Segav had decided to ignore her parents to enjoy her dance once more... but she wanted this to be over.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Teaser Tuesday and other stuff

Wow, the weekend was fun! Had a friend over Saturday and we had a great time with the kids, who managed to get us invited to a neighbor's 'cookout'. Only kids can invite kids to a cook-out and it not seem improper. (Neighbor's son invited my son and daughter, just to be clear...). Anywhos, after that, we chatted and had a fun time. (Mommy got soaked a bit with the neighbor's watergun by both my son AND the neighbor's son, lol.) Sunday, we went to see the fireworks with some other friends. Ed and his friend were such sweethearts and the kids were pretty good, too. Sorry, no pics; I left the camera at home. :-( HOWEVER!!!! Mark came back from his trip and well, nothing can express the delight I had at seeing him. *giggling* I was such a naughty little girl, I jumped into his arms and give him a smooch. Traffic was a pain and it was almost midnight by the time we got the kids tucked in and stuff put away, but it was worth it! The fireworks were AWESOME!!! and I had a great time. We managed to get some writing done, despite his sprained wrist. I swear, he can't go ANYWHERE without finding mischief to get into. yeah, yeah, match made in heaven, 'cause I'm just as bad. Anywhos, on to Teaser Tuesday!!!! Current bit is another fight scene from the sequel to Heiress and gives some insight on what the main plot is... well, kinda. Two plots that were woven together nicely. This is just the first. :-D Xandra is currently on her way back from her punishment, due to her misadventures in the first novel. Almost a year has passed by and she's nearing the end of her punishment. Enjoy!!!
The men under this captain's orders had turned their attention away from her and to the captain as he had spoken and Xandra did not waste a moment's time. She slipped her father's dagger from her boot and it sailed through the air. It did not stop in its travel until it was lodged, to the hilt, in the captain's throat. The immediate shock was all the guards required to pull their swords and turn upon their captors. Xandra slid her obsidian blade from her belt and took a few steps backward until her back was against the wheel of the coach. She waited until one of her would-be captors began pulling a sword and was only a few feet from her before tucking, rolling, and coming up behind him. Her left arm shot out and the blade cut across the back of his legs, slicing through his hamstrings. Losing that vital support system, the man fell like a dropped doll. Plucking his sword from his hand with her right, Xandra swirled around and blocked the downward cut of another blade. Her left leg slid backwards, bracing her slender body as the man's right arm grabbed her hand which held her dagger. They grappled for several heartbeats, until Xandra lunged forward, bringing her left knee up and connecting with her attacker's groin. As the man's strength faltered with the rupturing of his loins, Xandra pulled free from his grip and swept her sword around in a downward arc. The man's head rolled as she swirled around as another man came towards her; cutting the air with his own weapon. Xandra twirled her own weapon and gained momentum as she approached this new foe. As their blades connected, she sensed another behind her, saw her foe's head nod slightly, and she stepped to the side just barely avoiding a thrusting blade. Her opponent, however, was not so lucky: he now had his own comrade's sword in his own chest. Xandra had time to register horror and shock in the dying man’s eyes as the blade was pulled from his body. The young girl slipped her dagger into her belt and waved a hand slightly in the air before her, muttering a few words as she did so. A ghostly hand appeared and she suddenly smiled innocently as she formed a fist and mocked an upper cut to her would-be assailant's chin. The man did not have time to register anything other than the opaque hand which, within seconds of forming, connected with his chin. It threw him backwards a few feet before he fell unconscious. Xandra dispelled the hand and just barely had time to sense someone else behind her before dancing forward out of reach of another cutting blade. Though she head her tunic rip, felt cool air before the searing pain of a blade slicing open her skin, she knew it was not serious. She could still move. Turning, she raised her own sword in preparation for an attack. An attack did not come as she saw the man stiffen as the tip of a blade appeared through his chest. A figure dressed in black appeared seconds later and Xandra found herself staring into the orange eyes of a pure-blood docelfar. Only his eyes were seen for the rest of the docelfar was covered, from head to toe in black garments. A cowl covered his head and wrapped around his face and neck. A loose-fitting black shirt with long sleeves covered his torso while black breeches of a soft, lightweight material vanished into sturdy, boots that paused just below the knees. A gloved hand shoved the man forward from the sword that had impaled him. A dagger appeared and Xandra barely had time to comprehend the fact it was being tossed to her; she caught it by pure reflex. “Thank you,” Xandra said cautiously. “Who are you?” “My lord, your great-grandfather, did not believe you had adequate protection,” was the reply in a disdainful, male voice. Great-Father, of course, Xandra thought sullenly. Now I'm even more in his debt. “Just kill me now,” Xandra muttered as she glanced around the scattering of bodies. “I do not believe that is his wish,” the docelfar replied. Xandra smiled slightly before wincing as the pain from her injury made itself known. “No, but it would be better than being even more in his debt.” The reply was a barely-heard chuckle. “You are his heir, Lady Alixandra.” “Yes, and having people in his debt is something he prefers,” Xandra replied grumpily. “Would you prefer his ire?” “No!” Xandra exclaimed. “I presume you will be informing him of what has transpired?” “Of course: It is my duty,” he replied. “I suggest that you continue your journey to your parents’ palace before any more decide to appear.” Xandra nodded as she glanced at the sword she had been using. Shrugging, she slid her father's dagger back into her boot. As she straightened, her face was one of great pain. “Do you require assistance?” “Unless you have a few healing spells or potions, I think I can manage,” Xandra replied. “As you wish.” Xandra turned and stiffly walked to the coach, pausing as she had one foot on the bottom step, she asked, “Do you know who Kurvic is?” “A warlord.” “Great, just what Mother needs,” Xandra muttered. “I think I prefer Great-Father's punishment. It's less painful.” As Xandra slid onto the bench of the coach, she glanced out the window. Her protector, she noticed, had vanished once again. She shook her head and lay on her stomach refusing to place her still-bleeding back against anything. Mother is going to kill me, she thought as she closed her eyes. The sword she had collected lay upon the floor within easy reach. As she slowly gave way to sleep, she hoped she wouldn't need it again.
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Another fight scene, this one from the temporarily abandoned novel,
Warlord's Daughter. We sorta put it aside to work on "Prize of the

A quick summary of what has happened so far is thus: Kalis is sent to
Fellhaven from her home in Urshad to seek out her birth father when her
family in Urshad comes under attack. Little does she know, that Xantos
Zaurahel, the patriarch of a powerful family that now rules Faedale, is
also renowned for his evil, cruel ways. After an assassin is sent to
kill her by Xantos's arch rival and enemy, Kalis is introduced to Xandra
Dryzmella, Xantos's heiress. Xandra arranges an introduction between
Kalis and Xantos.

The following scene occurs after Xantos agrees to help Kalis rescue her
mother and step-father and takes her into his home. It is also after a
shopping trip where Kalis flirts openly with Alyn and consequently
angers her father.

What Kalis does not realize is, even her father's manor is not immune to
the occasional assassination attempt. Despite the fear Xantos creates
in everyone and the protections he has within his estate.


She shivered despite the comfortable temperature of the room. Glancing
around, she furrowed her brows. She thought she had heard steps, but
who else would be in this room? A servant perhaps?

Moving further into the garden, Kalis discovered a small, circular area
that had beautiful dark red and black bricks laid in an intricate
design. In the center sat a bench made from wrought iron and, upon
closer examination, discovered it was a swing. As she studied the
design, she sensed someone behind her and turned in time to see the
flash of a blade before it swung towards her neck.

Jumping backwards, with Dwylla taking flight, Kalis grabbed the arm of
what appeared to be a servant and stepped inwards closer to the
servant's body, bending down and pulling the woman over her shoulder in
the same, fluid movement.

The servant or assassin, Kalis wasn't certain which the woman was,
rolled as she crashed to the bricks. Kalis took a few steps back to
await the next attack. The woman moved warily towards her, a feral grin
on her face.

Heart racing, Kalis moved towards the swing, deciding that was the only
weapon she had at hand. As the disguised assassin leapt forward, Kalis
shoved against the seat of the swing, catching the would-be assassin in
her chest. The woman grunted and Kalis leapt forward, snatching the
dagger from the floor as it fell from her hands.

Her hand had just clenched the dagger when she felt her attacker's hands
grabbing her hair. Ignoring the pain from her hair being pulled
backwards, Kalis swirled around, slicing the woman in the stomach.
Blood poured from the wound and the woman yelped. Standing, Kalis
shoved the dagger into her chest.

As more blood poured from the wound, Kalis stared at the assassin as she
collapsed slowly. Backing away, Kalis tripped on the edge of the bricks
and she heard fabric rip as she fell to the ground. Scrambling
backwards, she felt her back pressed against the trunk of a tree.
Pulling her knees up, she buried her head into her legs and began to weep.

Huddled in the shadows, Kalis felt Dwylla mewling softly and a soft,
tiny voice asking, in the broken language the niawl used, if she was

Kalis nodded slightly, but couldn't stop the tears the flowed from her
eyes. Her father, Xantos, was supposed to have been protecting her.
There was no place safe for her, it seemed. She raised her eyes to the
still form of the assassin and shuddered, hiding her face once more
against her legs.

"You fought well," said Xantos. "Had I known where you were going, I
could have been here to prevent this. But you did very well, my
daughter. I am proud."

Kalis looked up, but didn't move. Tears continued to fall and she tried
to move further away from him. The only thing she managed to do,
however, was find the prickly thorns of a rose bush barring her way.
Whimpering, she pulled her legs tighter against her chest and stared at
him fearfully. Proud wasn't what she wanted. Safety was what she
wanted; safety, comfort, and love.

"You are safe, now, Kalis." He said, coming closer. His arms were at
his side, palms out. "Come to me, child, and we shall leave here. I
will make certain you are not disturbed, if you wish it."

Kalis nodded, crawling towards him before standing and moving slowly
towards him. She glanced towards the corpse and shivered. Swiping at
her tears even as more fell, she tried to speak, but only a soft cry
escaped. Taking a step forward, she stopped and stood still. Trying
not to cry, she couldn't quite manage the feat as her chin quivered and
tears continued to flow from her eyes.

Gliding forward, Xantos took her into his arms and held her. She sobbed
for some time, and even as she felt another wave of tears coming, Xantos
lifted her and began to carry her from the gardens.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hooked on yet another series

Yup, I actually went shopping at a bookstore (Books-a-million... and stop gasping in shock!) last Friday and actually bought a book.  "Night Rising" by Chris Marie Green.  And, well, it's a very awesome book and I now want to go find the rest of the series and buy 'em up.  (They're only $8 a book and I only have four more in the series to get... so far... has anyone found that ever-elusive money tree yet?) 

Seriously, though, it's a great book filled with action, deliciously raunchy scenes, and enough to keep you guessing that you want to read the next.  The vampire mythos fits perfectly with Hollywood and its glitzy scene.  It isn't your common variety of Dracula-type vampires that feed on the unwilling, either.  Which only adds to the fun of this series.

From the website of Chris Marie Green (http://www.vampirebabylon.com)

Night Rising:

Welcome to Hollywood—after dark…

Stuntwoman Dawn Madison is a girl with a lot of attitude—and a lot of issues, mostly about living up to the legacy of her mother, a world famous movie star/sex symbol, whose death left Dawn to be raised by her dad Frank, nobody’s notion of single-father-of-the-year. Now that she’s all grown up, she and Frank aren’t on the best of terms, to say the least.

Still, he is her dad, and when he vanishes while investigating the bizarre sighting—caught on film—of a supposedly long-dead child star, she comes home to Tinseltown to join the search for him. Working with his colleagues—a psychic short in stature but big in dreams of stardom, a beautiful Latina techno-geek, and the P. I. firm’s never-seen boss—she discovers an erotic and bloody underground society made up of creatures she thought existed only on the screen.

They are devious. They are deadly. And some of them are dangerously attractive…