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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Another fight scene, this one from the temporarily abandoned novel,
Warlord's Daughter. We sorta put it aside to work on "Prize of the

A quick summary of what has happened so far is thus: Kalis is sent to
Fellhaven from her home in Urshad to seek out her birth father when her
family in Urshad comes under attack. Little does she know, that Xantos
Zaurahel, the patriarch of a powerful family that now rules Faedale, is
also renowned for his evil, cruel ways. After an assassin is sent to
kill her by Xantos's arch rival and enemy, Kalis is introduced to Xandra
Dryzmella, Xantos's heiress. Xandra arranges an introduction between
Kalis and Xantos.

The following scene occurs after Xantos agrees to help Kalis rescue her
mother and step-father and takes her into his home. It is also after a
shopping trip where Kalis flirts openly with Alyn and consequently
angers her father.

What Kalis does not realize is, even her father's manor is not immune to
the occasional assassination attempt. Despite the fear Xantos creates
in everyone and the protections he has within his estate.


She shivered despite the comfortable temperature of the room. Glancing
around, she furrowed her brows. She thought she had heard steps, but
who else would be in this room? A servant perhaps?

Moving further into the garden, Kalis discovered a small, circular area
that had beautiful dark red and black bricks laid in an intricate
design. In the center sat a bench made from wrought iron and, upon
closer examination, discovered it was a swing. As she studied the
design, she sensed someone behind her and turned in time to see the
flash of a blade before it swung towards her neck.

Jumping backwards, with Dwylla taking flight, Kalis grabbed the arm of
what appeared to be a servant and stepped inwards closer to the
servant's body, bending down and pulling the woman over her shoulder in
the same, fluid movement.

The servant or assassin, Kalis wasn't certain which the woman was,
rolled as she crashed to the bricks. Kalis took a few steps back to
await the next attack. The woman moved warily towards her, a feral grin
on her face.

Heart racing, Kalis moved towards the swing, deciding that was the only
weapon she had at hand. As the disguised assassin leapt forward, Kalis
shoved against the seat of the swing, catching the would-be assassin in
her chest. The woman grunted and Kalis leapt forward, snatching the
dagger from the floor as it fell from her hands.

Her hand had just clenched the dagger when she felt her attacker's hands
grabbing her hair. Ignoring the pain from her hair being pulled
backwards, Kalis swirled around, slicing the woman in the stomach.
Blood poured from the wound and the woman yelped. Standing, Kalis
shoved the dagger into her chest.

As more blood poured from the wound, Kalis stared at the assassin as she
collapsed slowly. Backing away, Kalis tripped on the edge of the bricks
and she heard fabric rip as she fell to the ground. Scrambling
backwards, she felt her back pressed against the trunk of a tree.
Pulling her knees up, she buried her head into her legs and began to weep.

Huddled in the shadows, Kalis felt Dwylla mewling softly and a soft,
tiny voice asking, in the broken language the niawl used, if she was

Kalis nodded slightly, but couldn't stop the tears the flowed from her
eyes. Her father, Xantos, was supposed to have been protecting her.
There was no place safe for her, it seemed. She raised her eyes to the
still form of the assassin and shuddered, hiding her face once more
against her legs.

"You fought well," said Xantos. "Had I known where you were going, I
could have been here to prevent this. But you did very well, my
daughter. I am proud."

Kalis looked up, but didn't move. Tears continued to fall and she tried
to move further away from him. The only thing she managed to do,
however, was find the prickly thorns of a rose bush barring her way.
Whimpering, she pulled her legs tighter against her chest and stared at
him fearfully. Proud wasn't what she wanted. Safety was what she
wanted; safety, comfort, and love.

"You are safe, now, Kalis." He said, coming closer. His arms were at
his side, palms out. "Come to me, child, and we shall leave here. I
will make certain you are not disturbed, if you wish it."

Kalis nodded, crawling towards him before standing and moving slowly
towards him. She glanced towards the corpse and shivered. Swiping at
her tears even as more fell, she tried to speak, but only a soft cry
escaped. Taking a step forward, she stopped and stood still. Trying
not to cry, she couldn't quite manage the feat as her chin quivered and
tears continued to flow from her eyes.

Gliding forward, Xantos took her into his arms and held her. She sobbed
for some time, and even as she felt another wave of tears coming, Xantos
lifted her and began to carry her from the gardens.


  1. You write action very well. It is kinetic and suspensful. Well done. Just a note on the formatting, you can fix it in the HTML format before you post (on edit post) to fix the breaks.

  2. I'm always so impressed by your world-building and description. Great job with this one, Jy'lenn!

  3. Wonderful job! I agree with what the others have said so far. Great worldbuilding and you do write action scenes great. I have a problem with them but I can "feel" your scenes.

  4. Totally agree with Stephanie. More excellent world-building description here. Great job on a tense but smooth action scene!

  5. Jy,

    Totally agree with Ink, Steph and Tash. description is great. Action is your forte, baby!! xoxo -- GG

  6. Yup, I have to agree with the others.
    Great imagination and I envy your ability to write an action scene.

  7. Wow, this IS a softer side of Xantos, lol. Nice action sequence. And of course, descriptive setting as always. :)

    *but* I still think your new work is better!