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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween and a Wedding

As I continue to write (really, I AM trying to write the murder mystery!) I keep being pulled away by family and fun.  Not just the ordinary everyday stuff like cleaning and shopping, but my vampire-hunter's birthday, the holiday --Halloween (my most FAVORITE holiday)-- and going to a wedding in the capital city. 

Three days of dressing up (I changed costumes for each day) and dressing up for a wedding.  Trick-or-Treating with the kids and seeing a few friends while having way too much fun at Short Pump.  (That, in itself, is a story for another time.)  All-in-all, it was a great time.

The gown I wore for the wedding was a success in many ways.  I'm also very happy with the fact I finally managed to do something fancy with my hair and it turned out amazingly well!  (The secret: lots of hairspray, hehehehehe).  Many thanks to a dear, dear friend who gave me tips on how to curl it!  One of the many highlights was when Mark asked me to dance, something he doesn't do very often.  Not that it was easy dancing with him and holding the hem of my skirt up so I didn't trip on it, but it was so very, VERY worth it.  (So was dancing around him later... hehehehehehehe)

For those wondering, I've managed to get a little over 7k written (about 24 pages, double-spaced) but I wouldn't trade ANY time with the family for anything.  My family will always be first, no matter what the future brings me.

Here are a few pics of Halloween and the wedding:

My vampire-slayer as Iron Man and his sister as Belle.

Mark & Me at the wedding reception

Me posing at the wedding before the ceremony & reception while waiting to help mix the drinks for our friend who was the groom.