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Monday, October 8, 2012

Winners Announced!

Disclaimer:  Please forgive any formatting mishaps; I'm doing this from work during my lunch break (yes, even computer techs get a lunch break :p) and I have to deal with all the fun filters.

The Winners for the Musa Blog Hop Kindle and Swag bags have been announced!  Congrats to the winners and many thanks to everyone who participated!!!

Now, for the lucky winner of this particular hop!

Lucky Number 9 is: BLHmistress!  

Please let me know what novel from the Thalia imprint you would like, as well as the format!

Congrats again and many, many thanks to everyone who entered!!!!
Friday, September 28, 2012

A Deal To Die For

It's time to celebrate!  My debut novel, DEALS WITH THE DEVIL, the first in our Faith Wells series, is due out this spring.  The other reason is, it's the anniversary of Musa Publishing, who is releasing our novel!

In honor of their first anniversary, they are hosting a blog hop!  For each blog you comment on, you will be entered into the drawing for a Kindle Fire!  (Example: you comment on 10 blogs, you get 10 entries into the drawing!  The more blogs you comment on, the more entries you get!)  Plus, each blog has their own contest going on!  So, click the link and start hopping!

Since our novel has not yet been published (but stick around and don't forget to find me on Facebook for the latest and most current updates), anyone who comments on this blog, will be entered into the drawing for a novel of their choosing from Musa's Thalia Imprint.

Now that all the business is out of the way, on to the fun stuff!  Such as, what the heck is our novel about?  So, here's a bit of information and an excerpt from DEALS WITH THE DEVIL!

**Disclaimer:  The artwork below is NOT the final art for the book.  It was commissioned by Black Rose Art Designs to work as a placeholder until the final art is completed.**

A computer tech for a shipping company located in Fishersville, VA, Faith Wells leads a pretty quiet life. There isn't a lot of crime in the county where Fi lives, nor a lot of supernatural beings.  For someone who's the daughter of the Devil's right-hand man, it's pretty nice.  When Fi finds her former boss’s corpse packed up and ready for shipping on bright Monday morning, it doesn't take long for her low-key existence to go to Hell in the proverbial handbasket.  That’s almost as bad as her gremlins vanishing and her current boss being a noble demon from Hell. At least she has one bright spot: the investigating detective is the Angel of Mysteries, Raziel, and he seems to be sweet on her.

As things heat up when she inadvertently draws the attention of the murderer and is attacked, Fi realizes it's time to take matters into her own hands.  Time is growing short and she has to figure out who is now trying to kill her, before she becomes a permanent guest of the Devil and her father.


“Which crate are we sending it in?”  I asked, looking around.

“The ugly silver one.  I’m tempted to bring in a can of paint just to get rid of all the stickers and scratches on it.”  Jamie said. 

I grinned.  “We could always turn your kids loose on it with markers and paint.”

Jamie had two kids, and eight year-old and a four year-old.  They were sweethearts and full of mischief.  I adored them and she let me spoil them every chance I got, especially at the holidays and their birthdays.

“That’s an idea!  Though I doubt it’d ever be the same after they got a hold of it.”  Jamie said, laughing.

“Who cares? It’d be pretty and no one could lose it easily,” I replied with a grin.  “Where is it, anyway?”
Jamie’s brows furrowed as she looked around before shrugging.  “It was in here Friday.”

“Did it get moved into there?”  I asked, jerking my thumb towards the small outer room that opened outside.

We usually kept the networking wires, tools, and cables in there, as well as a generator and a few other oddities.  It was also where we left the printers for our delivery boys to pick up.

“It’s possible, I guess.”  Jamie opened the door and, sitting just to the left out of the way, was the silver metal crate we were just joking about.  “Huh.  I wonder who put it in here.”

“The new boss, maybe?”  I suggested, grabbing a handle and tugging.  “You sure there isn’t anything in this?  It feels like there’s a printer already in it.”

“Don’t know.  He might have since I left early Friday, but I didn’t put anything in it.  Last time I used it was Monday, when we got the thing back from Norfolk.”

 “Shall we find out?”  I asked.  I winked.  “Maybe we’ll get lucky and someone left their gold in here to be buried later.”

“Keep dreaming, girl,” Jamie retorted.  “More like our new boss decided to drop a printer in here to see if we would come running for help.”

“Don’t like him, huh?”  I teased, dropping the safety latch hook and flipping the lid up.

“No, I-” Jamie broke off, a screech catching in her throat.

Though I might be a bit more familiar with the dead, courtesy of my dad, I still fell backwards, scrambling away from the silver crate.  Who in their right mind would want to be close to a body folded up neatly and tucked into a box?  By folded, I do mean folded.  Legs curled up, chest bent forward, and arms tucked around the body.  Even the head was bent downward, chin resting against his chest.  Despite the slit throat and blood, there wasn’t a drop leaking from the crate.  Worse yet, I knew our old boss hadn’t been killed by normal means.  The way the body was rolled into a ball plus the blood that congealed in the bottom of the crate screamed magic.  At least there was blood.  I really did not want to deal with a rogue vampire.

I kicked at the lid and, after the third attempt, it slammed down.  “Right, so, I don’t think we’re going to be sending out a printer today,” I quipped before looking back at Jamie.

Jamie’s hands were clenched in fists and she jammed them in her mouth.  Her eyes were wide and all the color had drained from her skin.  I was surprised she hadn’t started screaming her head off, like in the movies.  


Below is a list of the blogs involved in this hop, so have fun and start posting!  Good luck!  The Blog Tour begins October 1st at Midnight EST and ends October 7th at MIDNIGHT (PST).  Winners will be announced October 9th!  

I'll be using Random.com to generate a number. Good luck to all the entrants!  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A New Corkboard...

So, I have discovered the amazing new online (and free!) corkboard called Lino.  For someone who typically uses her phone for notes or tries to remember to constantly email word docs of notes to herself to keep organzied (which really doesn't work, I assure you), this site is a god-send. 

For one, it's FREE!!!!  All you have to do is sign up.  Simple, right?  Yup.  Complete with no catches (even better!).  You can have as many "canvases" as you want, can share them amongst friends, have them private or public (where anyone and everyone can see and/or post to them).

Another benefit is it's online, which means you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection.  A handy feature for if you need to add or reference something. 

You can create RSS feeds, add photos, embed it into your blog/webpage, and so much more.  Me, I just use it as a corkboard for writing notes.  Lots of colorful "stickies" that are often edited later.  The stickies aren't just the four colors you see when a canvas loads, either.  There are several more choices when you create a sticky.  You can't do bullets (like in Word), but you can always make your own, if you need to. 

There are also apps, that are free, for iPhone, Android (I think), iPad... and I can't remember if there's anything else.  I currently have the app on my phone and it is AWESOME! 

Now, I keep all mine private.  I currently have four canvases (one for the sequel to Deals with the Devil and another for each of the novels in the thriller series I'm working on).  I'm pretty sure more canvases will be created as time goes by. 

Also, unlike some corkboards, you can move the notes around and color code them however you want.  There's a large canvas you can work on, with the option of moving the little viewer around to give you more than what will fit on your screen.  I sometimes use a 19" screen and it won't all fit on that, so it's a nice sized area.

I highly recommend this aweome tool, because it's free, it helps even the most unorganized person (like me) stay organized, and it's easy to access and use.  Personally, I think it's the best option out there for notes and such.

A pretty nifty tool and fun, too!  Go check it out! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time Flies...

It's been around eight months or so since my last post.  A lot of interesting things have happened in that time.  The wedding in April, the kids finishing up yet another year of school (they grow up way too fast), and the final words written in the murder mystery. 

The wedding was epic.  It wasn't traditional, but it was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Great food, great friends, and a very unusual ceremony.  I can honestly say that it was a wedding that will be talked about with smiles and laughter.  The good type of laughter, not the bad.  It was, in a word, "us".

As for the murder mystery, it has finished at just over 81, 000 words and is an urban fantasy with a dash of romance and a lot of snark.  Though, there's still editing to do and we might change a few names and appearances.  Maybe.  It depends on a few factors that will end up playing a major part in the sequel. 

Ohhhh... and there is one other thing.  I was in Fangoria.  The March issue.  The one with Vincent Price on the cover.  As the First Ghoul to be seen in the "Night of the Living Dead" movie that is being made by one of our best and most awesome friends, Matt Cloude.  (Now, go find him on Facebook, as well as Night of the Living Dead (2012).)  I'll also be showing up in the movie as the ghoul.  For the horror fans out there: filming starts in this fall!!! CAN NOT WAIT!!!