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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A New Corkboard...

So, I have discovered the amazing new online (and free!) corkboard called Lino.  For someone who typically uses her phone for notes or tries to remember to constantly email word docs of notes to herself to keep organzied (which really doesn't work, I assure you), this site is a god-send. 

For one, it's FREE!!!!  All you have to do is sign up.  Simple, right?  Yup.  Complete with no catches (even better!).  You can have as many "canvases" as you want, can share them amongst friends, have them private or public (where anyone and everyone can see and/or post to them).

Another benefit is it's online, which means you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection.  A handy feature for if you need to add or reference something. 

You can create RSS feeds, add photos, embed it into your blog/webpage, and so much more.  Me, I just use it as a corkboard for writing notes.  Lots of colorful "stickies" that are often edited later.  The stickies aren't just the four colors you see when a canvas loads, either.  There are several more choices when you create a sticky.  You can't do bullets (like in Word), but you can always make your own, if you need to. 

There are also apps, that are free, for iPhone, Android (I think), iPad... and I can't remember if there's anything else.  I currently have the app on my phone and it is AWESOME! 

Now, I keep all mine private.  I currently have four canvases (one for the sequel to Deals with the Devil and another for each of the novels in the thriller series I'm working on).  I'm pretty sure more canvases will be created as time goes by. 

Also, unlike some corkboards, you can move the notes around and color code them however you want.  There's a large canvas you can work on, with the option of moving the little viewer around to give you more than what will fit on your screen.  I sometimes use a 19" screen and it won't all fit on that, so it's a nice sized area.

I highly recommend this aweome tool, because it's free, it helps even the most unorganized person (like me) stay organized, and it's easy to access and use.  Personally, I think it's the best option out there for notes and such.

A pretty nifty tool and fun, too!  Go check it out! 


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