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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've been a bad blogger...

It's doubtful many people read this blog, let alone it exists, but I feel guilty for not keeping it up.  And posting something at least once a month.

Things have been rather busy... ok, well, chaotic.  We're been planning the wedding and we're currently at seven months out.  Um... right.  So that means six months of procrastinating, right?  No?  Drats.

I've also returned to writing the murder mystery and, well.... it's not an easy task.  In fact, it's been the hardest thing to write yet.  Mysteries have a sort of formula you follow and are supposed to include red herrings and multiple suspects.  And lots of words.  Yeah, those words will really do you in!

Plotting hasn't been the easiest, what with trying to squeeze in the wedding alongside our typically busy and chaos-filled life.  The kids are in school, yes, but they now have the dreaded homework to do.  Yes, even kids in kindergarten have homework these days.  Horrible, isn't it????

Oh, yeah, and I've also been plucking away at my artwork.  I've managed two really awesome pieces.... and that's pretty much it so far.  Inspiration isn't easy to come by, ya know!!!

So, that's pretty much where I am, for anyone who reads this thing.  (Is there anyone who actually does read this???  Probably not...)  Oh, well.
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back in the Writer's Seat Again

Sooooo..... I'm back in the writer's seat again and ready to continue upon my murder mystery.  I plotted out some with my soon-to-be-husband (10 months and counting!) the other night and, sorta, know where to go.  For once, I'm not killing off the mother either prior to the novel or during the novel.  Shocking, I know, but something has to be different, right?  Besides, hopefully it'll help people 'bond' with the character more and give our sweet Fi (yes, like wi-fi or 'hi') more depth.

It's not easy going, though!  Especially since I'm writing in 1st-person with a good deal of sass and snark thrown in for good measure.  The sucky part is, I've only managed to write just under 15, 000 words.  Which means, I'm not even a fourth of the way through since I'm aiming for 80k.  80k is a good number, no?

With luck, we'll have it done in time for the wedding.  Hopefully.  For those who are trying to figure out what that would come to per day, it would be around 214 words a day.  hmmmmm.... It's possible!!!  Though, not really likely since I don't write some days and I'm pretty sure there's gonna be plenty of days when I'm too busy with wedding stuff, family, friends, or holidays to write.

At least it's a goal, right?
Monday, January 10, 2011

Weddings, Writings, and Murder

Ok, so, no one has been murdered... at least, not in the real world.  On paper?  Oh, yeah.  Lots of death occurs on paper!  But then, one cannot write fantasy or a murder mystery without someone getting killed eventually. 

I've managed to hammer out more on my beloved urban fantasy murder mystery and have begun mentally plotting the deaths that shall occur in it's sequel.  Yes, there IS going to be a sequel... mostly because I enjoy the idea of killing off people.  If you can't do it reality, why not do it in fantasy?  (And if one is REALLY fortunate, get paid for it!)

As for the weddings?  Welllll... I am still planning my wedding, which shall occur in 2012.  There's also the wedding in the second sequel to "Death's Heiress".  Now that I'm finally planning my own, I'm able to figure out how to plan out a royal wedding in the novel.   Should be fun, since the MC will end up being side-tracked A LOT from the planning! 

Oh a very non-writing related subject: I've figured out how to make quill pens from feathers and ink pens!!!  Eventually I'll have a nifty tutorial but it's actually really easy to do. 

As for the munchkins, for anyone interested, the eldest is doing good in school (despite being hard-headed and hating homework, big surprise), and the youngest is being her usual very cheerful self.  Both are spoiled.  My co-writer and I are co-habiting without troubles and I'm looking forward to eventually having an actual HOUSE to decorate and call our own.