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Monday, July 13, 2009

Teaser Tuesday and other stuff

Wow, the weekend was fun! Had a friend over Saturday and we had a great time with the kids, who managed to get us invited to a neighbor's 'cookout'. Only kids can invite kids to a cook-out and it not seem improper. (Neighbor's son invited my son and daughter, just to be clear...). Anywhos, after that, we chatted and had a fun time. (Mommy got soaked a bit with the neighbor's watergun by both my son AND the neighbor's son, lol.) Sunday, we went to see the fireworks with some other friends. Ed and his friend were such sweethearts and the kids were pretty good, too. Sorry, no pics; I left the camera at home. :-( HOWEVER!!!! Mark came back from his trip and well, nothing can express the delight I had at seeing him. *giggling* I was such a naughty little girl, I jumped into his arms and give him a smooch. Traffic was a pain and it was almost midnight by the time we got the kids tucked in and stuff put away, but it was worth it! The fireworks were AWESOME!!! and I had a great time. We managed to get some writing done, despite his sprained wrist. I swear, he can't go ANYWHERE without finding mischief to get into. yeah, yeah, match made in heaven, 'cause I'm just as bad. Anywhos, on to Teaser Tuesday!!!! Current bit is another fight scene from the sequel to Heiress and gives some insight on what the main plot is... well, kinda. Two plots that were woven together nicely. This is just the first. :-D Xandra is currently on her way back from her punishment, due to her misadventures in the first novel. Almost a year has passed by and she's nearing the end of her punishment. Enjoy!!!
The men under this captain's orders had turned their attention away from her and to the captain as he had spoken and Xandra did not waste a moment's time. She slipped her father's dagger from her boot and it sailed through the air. It did not stop in its travel until it was lodged, to the hilt, in the captain's throat. The immediate shock was all the guards required to pull their swords and turn upon their captors. Xandra slid her obsidian blade from her belt and took a few steps backward until her back was against the wheel of the coach. She waited until one of her would-be captors began pulling a sword and was only a few feet from her before tucking, rolling, and coming up behind him. Her left arm shot out and the blade cut across the back of his legs, slicing through his hamstrings. Losing that vital support system, the man fell like a dropped doll. Plucking his sword from his hand with her right, Xandra swirled around and blocked the downward cut of another blade. Her left leg slid backwards, bracing her slender body as the man's right arm grabbed her hand which held her dagger. They grappled for several heartbeats, until Xandra lunged forward, bringing her left knee up and connecting with her attacker's groin. As the man's strength faltered with the rupturing of his loins, Xandra pulled free from his grip and swept her sword around in a downward arc. The man's head rolled as she swirled around as another man came towards her; cutting the air with his own weapon. Xandra twirled her own weapon and gained momentum as she approached this new foe. As their blades connected, she sensed another behind her, saw her foe's head nod slightly, and she stepped to the side just barely avoiding a thrusting blade. Her opponent, however, was not so lucky: he now had his own comrade's sword in his own chest. Xandra had time to register horror and shock in the dying man’s eyes as the blade was pulled from his body. The young girl slipped her dagger into her belt and waved a hand slightly in the air before her, muttering a few words as she did so. A ghostly hand appeared and she suddenly smiled innocently as she formed a fist and mocked an upper cut to her would-be assailant's chin. The man did not have time to register anything other than the opaque hand which, within seconds of forming, connected with his chin. It threw him backwards a few feet before he fell unconscious. Xandra dispelled the hand and just barely had time to sense someone else behind her before dancing forward out of reach of another cutting blade. Though she head her tunic rip, felt cool air before the searing pain of a blade slicing open her skin, she knew it was not serious. She could still move. Turning, she raised her own sword in preparation for an attack. An attack did not come as she saw the man stiffen as the tip of a blade appeared through his chest. A figure dressed in black appeared seconds later and Xandra found herself staring into the orange eyes of a pure-blood docelfar. Only his eyes were seen for the rest of the docelfar was covered, from head to toe in black garments. A cowl covered his head and wrapped around his face and neck. A loose-fitting black shirt with long sleeves covered his torso while black breeches of a soft, lightweight material vanished into sturdy, boots that paused just below the knees. A gloved hand shoved the man forward from the sword that had impaled him. A dagger appeared and Xandra barely had time to comprehend the fact it was being tossed to her; she caught it by pure reflex. “Thank you,” Xandra said cautiously. “Who are you?” “My lord, your great-grandfather, did not believe you had adequate protection,” was the reply in a disdainful, male voice. Great-Father, of course, Xandra thought sullenly. Now I'm even more in his debt. “Just kill me now,” Xandra muttered as she glanced around the scattering of bodies. “I do not believe that is his wish,” the docelfar replied. Xandra smiled slightly before wincing as the pain from her injury made itself known. “No, but it would be better than being even more in his debt.” The reply was a barely-heard chuckle. “You are his heir, Lady Alixandra.” “Yes, and having people in his debt is something he prefers,” Xandra replied grumpily. “Would you prefer his ire?” “No!” Xandra exclaimed. “I presume you will be informing him of what has transpired?” “Of course: It is my duty,” he replied. “I suggest that you continue your journey to your parents’ palace before any more decide to appear.” Xandra nodded as she glanced at the sword she had been using. Shrugging, she slid her father's dagger back into her boot. As she straightened, her face was one of great pain. “Do you require assistance?” “Unless you have a few healing spells or potions, I think I can manage,” Xandra replied. “As you wish.” Xandra turned and stiffly walked to the coach, pausing as she had one foot on the bottom step, she asked, “Do you know who Kurvic is?” “A warlord.” “Great, just what Mother needs,” Xandra muttered. “I think I prefer Great-Father's punishment. It's less painful.” As Xandra slid onto the bench of the coach, she glanced out the window. Her protector, she noticed, had vanished once again. She shook her head and lay on her stomach refusing to place her still-bleeding back against anything. Mother is going to kill me, she thought as she closed her eyes. The sword she had collected lay upon the floor within easy reach. As she slowly gave way to sleep, she hoped she wouldn't need it again.