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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd Teaser Tuesday Teaser

Ok, so this is from another not-finished novel in Xandra's series, but it's still one of my favorites.  Hopefully it conveys the scene well enough you can imagine it.  :-)  Either way, I loved writing it.  Oh, and excuse the formatting; I did this via email using an email client, so you might just be better off reading the one below. ;-)

The Setup:  Xandra has been plagued with assassination attempts and her beloved gods-parents have currently become the guests of honor at a ball thrown by Xandra's parents, the King and Queen of Faedale.  Since neither Ryna nor Kyis are comfortable with being the center of attention (assassin and bounty hunter, respectively), Xandra is dared into dancing by her childhood friend, Alyn, who is also Ryna and Kyis's son.  The problem with this is, Alyn was Xandra's first love and she still loves him which is probably why he can still coax her into doing almost anything....  Or dare her, as the case may be.

And now... On with the show!!!!


"... has long enjoyed the dance methods of the Eastern Lands..."  Syion was continuing in the ballroom.  "So, for her delight, and yours, we have a performance, in her honor, of one of those fabled styles.  Please welcome to this platform... the dancer known as... Cengla!"

Dropping the cloak, she, she raised her hands in a way that mimicked a snake rising from the ground and she began to slowly shimmy her hips until the beads of her hip-cloth were but a blur.  Twirling, she began moving around the platform until she stood just before her husband and Alyn.  Holding her arms out to the side and raising her hair up seductively, she rocked her hips from side to side suggestively.  Slowly, she bent backwards, still shaking her hips, the rising slowly and dropping her hips once more.

Winking at both men, she began twirling around until she stood once more in the middle of the platform.  Her hips once more swayed with the music suggestively for several more heartbeats before rolling them in perfect figure-eights.

Glancing down, she saw with satisfaction that both Segav and Alyn's eyes were locked onto her, burning with desire.  Alyn had his hands clasped so tightly at his waist that the knuckles were white.

The figure-eights slid easily into her hips snapping from the left to right before she once more began her undulating dance around the platform.

Pausing on the opposite side of the platform from where Alyn and Sega were watching, she began once more rocking her hips from side-to-side in sharp twists and circular turns.  Twirling once, she leaned backwards towards the pair and smiled broadly as she rose back up and twirled around from edge of the platform.

A quick glance at the larger raised platform showed Ryna smiling brightly at her, and Kyis was staring, his mouth agape.  She smiled under her veil as she closed her eyes, letting her body move and sway with the music.  She held her hands above her head and moved her hips; letting the muscles in her abdomen ripple up and down in the dance.

Slowly moving in a circle, she shoved her right hip out with each turn, adding a twist each time she pulled it back in.  Slowly, she took prancing steps towards the front of the platform, snapping her hips out with each step.  As she neared the edge of the platform, she shimmied her hips before twirling in a slow circle.  Stopping with her back to the audience, she rolled her hips in circles before taking steps where each hip was thrust to the side.  Between the steps, she added an extra twist, snap, or drop. 

The smile beneath her veil grew as she stole another glance to Alyn and Segav.  She allowed herself to acknowledge her surprise and delight that her father had not realized she was dancing.  Adding a small hop before rocking her pelvis forward and backward before twisting it into circles with small hops between to the side, she allowed herself to believe Xolyn would not realize what was occurring until after the dance was finished.

"Alixandra Myriata Dredborne Dryzmella!"  A far-too familiar hissed in a low tone.  At least he isn't screaming, Xandra thought, even as her dismay settled into her stomach.  Trying to keep the tempo and rhythm of her body going, she opened her eyes, which found her father immediately. 

Xolyn stood between Segav and Alyn.  His hands were on his hips, and the expression on his face was like a thundercloud that promised disaster, if it wanted to be merciful.  Segav was glancing sideways at her father, and he did not bother to hide his displeasure at Xolyn's attitude.  Alyn was far too busy looking at her to look at Xolyn.

Aly stepped behind Xolyn, a laughing smile on her lips.  Xandra forced herself to keep her body moving with the music, encouraged by her mother's nod as Aly placed a hand on Xolyn's shoulder.

"If you're quite done making the guests drool, young lady, perhaps you'd consent to finishing up and putting on some actual clothing?"  Xolyn growled at her, still keeping his voice low.  Xandra kept dancing, not wanting to stop before the music.  Aly whispered something in Xolyn's ear, but it obviously did not have the desired effect:  The frown on Xolyn's face turned into a grimace of anger.  He turned and said something which caused Aly's eyes to blaze at him.

"No one would realize her identity if you hadn't made this absurd scene!"  Xandra heard her mother hiss at Xolyn.  Xandra could feel the music was near its end, and she was grateful.  Alyn had not taken his eyes off her, and Segav had decided to ignore her parents to enjoy her dance once more... but she wanted this to be over.


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  1. Your writing has a kinetic feel that allows for perfect visualization of scenes. I saw this in the "action" scene with the other teaser and now this. Well done.