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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Zazzle Store

Yes, I finally opened a Zazzle store.  There will be an eBay store, eventually, but I figured what the heck?  Might as well broaden my reach, right?  My stuff is also over at CafePress and I'll post the links to there later, for those who prefer CafePress. 

Anywhos, here's the link for those interested.  Docelfar Designs. I also posted a store panel below so you can see what all is in the store. Of course, it's all my artwork. And nothing uber creepy either, so no fear there. Well... the cauldron IS at CafePress, but it lacks the scary skulls....

If anyone's interested in posting a link on their site, just let me know and I'll send you the link. :)

Oh, yeah, and I have strep throat. Got meds for it Thursday and am feeling better now. amazing how fast antibiotics can help one feel better fast... and SLEEP. geez, they make me sleepy...


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