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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Teaser Today

Ok, so there won't be a teaser today or for gods know how long.  Why?  Simple: the novel writing is taking a break for other things... like making ribbon roses and planning of events and Mark finally moving in (it won't be till June, but it's not that long off).  We still writing when we can during my lunch and sometimes on the weekends or at night.  However, I'm not going to kill myself to write nor am I going to badger Mark into writing when we're doing other stuff.   

Spending time with the kids, the family, and doing other things is more important than writing, even if it IS our dream of becoming published.  Eventually we'll get back into a good pace for writing/editing/etc, but until then, we're going to write as we can, when we can, and not force it. 

On the bright side, the kids are doing well and plans are falling together nicely.  I've once more begun dabbling in crafts and, though I'm probably going to go crazy with trying to get my roses "perfect" then put together, I don't care!  I might even do an arrangement of ribbon roses to put in the fair... which reminds me... I've GOT to work on the art I'm gonna submit this year!  EEEK!!!  Times running out on that, too! LOL