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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comic Con

Ok, so if everything keeps going alright, I'll be going to San Diego with my fiance' and two munchkins. *Fingers and toes crossed*. IF that happens (and I'm pretty certain it will -- Thanks to a great and amazing friend!) I'm really wanting to go visit several authors (Cindy, I'm coming for you first!) and artists. There's also this little thing called a "Portfolio Review" where you can have your artwork checked out by big-name places. Last year, they had Wizards of the Coast, Lucas films, Dark Horse, and plenty more. So, if a writer can query agents, then an artist can 'pitch' to these places. Meaning I'll be able to finally find out if my art is 'good', 'okay', or 'please-get-this-crap-away-from-me terrible'. So, somehow I need to get at least six portfolios done so I can 'shop' them around. What the heck, right? Sure can't hurt! (well, can't hurt anything but my ego, lol) Wish me luck!