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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Controversial Scene...

Previously on "The Shiftless" : In the prior chapter, Akiela has been escorted by her protector guardian uncle, the Warlord General Giada to discuss her next assignment. Members of the Merchant League known as the Protectors are being killed off one by one in gruesome ways. Ilario Vedette is the one in charge of the Protectors and is also a good friend to Giada. Akiela is introduced to the pair and discovers that though Giada doesn't want her to go and is concerned (perhaps too much so) for her safety, he acquieses to Ilario's request. Giada also threatens Ilario that if harm befalls Akiela, Giada will be seeking Ilario out and he'll find himself skinned alive. Literally. The following takes place after Akiela leaves with Ilario for dinner, much to Giada's disapproval.
Chapter Three
A piercing shriek cut the evening air and Akiela swirled around, searching for its source. Beside her, Ilario dropped his hand to the leather-wrapped hilt of his sword. They had just left the Silk Slipper, where Ilario had treated her to a wonderful meal complete with dessert. Being a proper lady, and far from foolish, she had allowed him to buy the meal as well as suggest the dishes and wine. Surprisingly, he had chosen her favorite dishes and wine. If she wasn’t suspicious of him already, his actions at the Silk Slipper would have raised questions. She still hadn't decided if Giada had told him what to order or if he had been spying on her for some time. Akiela paused, stilling her breath as she listened intently for another scream or shout. Sniffing the air, she frowned as her brows furrowed. Nothing unsual drifted on the slight breeze. Taking a step towards an alley, she felt an iron-grip on her arm. Turning her head slowly toward Ilario, she found him shaking his head, a frown of his own on his face. Just as she was about to speak, another ear-piercing shriek broke the stillness. “We must go, now,” Ilario said softly, pulling her away from the dark alley. “Twilight has fallen, child, we need to leave.” “I’m not leaving until I learn what that is,” Akiela countered, trying to jerk away from Ilario to no avail. Ilario glowered at her, his eyes narrowing dangerously. “Do you always walk into the unknown without thinking of the consequences? I swore to protect you, girl, and that’s what I’ll do even if it means throwing you across my shoulder and carrying you away.” “You wouldn’t dare,” she growled, turning slightly away from the alley. Whatever was shattering the approaching night air certainly wasn’t friendly, but she also felt as though it was her duty to investigate. A single dark brow rose in response and Akiela countered it with one of her own. “I have a duty to uphold as a spy to Warlord Giada.” Turning, she took two steps before being whisked up into the air and thrown over the broad shoulders of Ilario. Too shocked to even screech a protest at first, she quickly discovered kicking was pointless as he kept his grip tightened around her knees and, as she tried to push herself up in an effort to twist around, his hands pushed her hips upwards dumping her further backwards. Short of pummeling his back, which she doubted would be very useful given his long strides were carrying her quickly from the alley, she decided to let him have this round. The next time, however, would be different. Despite her irritation and growing ire at her predicament, she was all too aware that his arm was wrapped firmly around her thighs, his hand warm even through the layered skirt. Her head was close to her captor’s hips and she could easily have pulled his sword and threatened him with it; if it weren’t for the fact she was actually starting to enjoy being carried. Even Tiernay hadn’t dared anything like this and she had pushed Tiernay farther than Ilario! I wonder if he keeps all his threats? Akiela pondered, trying not to giggle. If anyone saw her, gods alone knew what they would think! She rarely let any man touch her in any fashion, let alone carry her like a sack of grain! Oh, she’d had the threats and jests thrown at her, but no one ever carried through, despite her occasional wish for them to do so. Until now. A pity Tiernay had never done this. She glanced down at the hips beneath her and was tempted to swat them, just to see what he would do. “I wouldn’t do that, if I were you,” Ilario’s voice carried to her, and she knew he was smirking. It carried through in his voice, as did the laughter. “Do what?” She asked innocently, pushing herself up slightly, so the blood wasn’t rushing to her head. Her cheeks were already burning, but he didn’t need to know why. Suddenly, she felt his grip loosen and she was sliding ever so slowly down his chest as his hands slid along her body, ensuring the skirt fell against her legs and they still kept her close to him. The smirk she knew would be on his face was, indeed, there, but the twinkle in his eyes hinted at something more than amusement. She wasn’t quite certain what it was, and she wasn’t certain she wanted to know. Ilario chuckled softly and a hand slid through her hair, brushing her bangs from her face. “You are indeed one of Vittore’s,” he answered. “How long have you been with him?” “How do you know Uncle Vittore so well?” She countered. “How long have you known him?” “I can see this is going to be a long assignment. I hope you’re a better spy than inquisitor.” Ilario sighed, releasing her and gesturing towards the row of houses and cottages that lined both sides of the street. She felt a stab of regret, but it vanished as quickly as it appeared. He continued as though nothing had occured between them, “Vittore offered me his guest house for the night and informed me you are only a short walk away from it. As for how long I have known him? Since childhood. While he was a spy for his predecessor, I was a merchant apprentice. We both worked our way to our current positions through hard work, long trials, and many a conspiracy. Now, what of you, little one? Why does our Warlord call you a little fox, hmm?”


  1. Intriguing! I think this is a great start. Your description is good, but could use a little tidying up where you get redundant and I'd recommend axing some adverbs. Good stuff hon!

  2. I agree with the above statement. I did like the sound of this and I would read more so keep writing!

  3. thanks!!! I'm really having a great time writing this one! I'm a bit worried over the prior chapter, but I'll be handing that over to my co-writer for his thoughts. (he likes to kill my repetition...) I'm trying to keep the spookiness going, but it isn't easy.