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Monday, October 5, 2009

State Fair Announcement

Ok, so I should've posted this last week or even over the weekend... but the weekend was wickedly busy.  I think I was online for a total of three, maybe four hours tops.  If you include checking my email on my cellphone. 

Anywhos, I figured I'd at least post the results of the state fair.  I won second place with my cherub!  WEEEE!!!  I now have a total of THREE ribbons from the state fair!  Third Place from the first year I entered, 1st place from last year, and 2nd place from this year.  I got my wish!  I placed again this year.  Now, all I need is the Rosette from Best in Show/Section.  I've got an idea for next year, so maybe if I'm lucky it'll turn out all pretty and I'll get my rosette.  Or, maybe I can somehow improve my artistic non-computer-generated-art-side and do something really spectacular and win it that way.  (Yes, yes, I know... not likely, but one can wish, yes?)

I know I posted my cutesy cherub once, but I figured I'd post it again for those who haven't seen it yet. :)

Seeing this, yet again, I can easily see why it didn't take first place, but... second place isn't too bad, in my opinion.  Not at the VA STATE FAIR!


  1. Congrats again - awesome job!

  2. Thanks! At some point I'll figure out how to do a custom background for the blog...

    It's pretty cool to enter the fair every year and then refresh the page constantly until you get the results. I think I'm worse about the art contests than about the queries!