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Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Teaser from Banshee's Daughter

So, I've been busy doing artwork and getting over being sick.  I am SO getting the flu shot sometime soon.  I've also got to see the printer version of the artwork I did for my workplace and it looks REALLY good.  I'm sooo glad it's done, though. 

Anywhos... Here's another teaser from Banshee's Daughter.  I'm currently working on a picture book for animals that come out at night and also attempting to plot out a young adult novel.  Urban Fantasy/Fantasy, of course, revolving around our beloved Xantos and his unknown daughter.  (that should sound familiar, since we were writing another called 'warlord's daughter' and we've subsequently changed it completely.) 

As for the teaser....  For those just tuning in, Iliana is the daughter of a banshee.  She's a retriever of magical artifacts between her world and Baradwys, which is a dimension full of beings that are only found in fairy tales and where magic abounds.  It's also where Xantos resides.  Iliana has so far managed to be intercepted delivering an artifact in Baradwys by Xantos (where the highest bidder always wins), be hired to retrieve Dante from a crazed dark elf witch, and banish a djinn.  Now she's got assassins coming after her, and Xantos isn't the guilty party!  After confronting Xantos, Iliana managed to concoct a mixture that keeps Xantos from trying to seduce her or take advantage of her.  This takes place the day after the first attack on her.


In all her banshee glory, which Iliana loved but refused to admit to her mother, Ceara stepped through and into Xantos’s office. Red hair danced about her head with a life of its own, her gown a pale green that swirled around her like mist as her glowing red eyes glared with intense hatred at Xantos. Her hands were claws and only her face remained human, though, considering her red lips were pulled back into an almost-inhuman snarl, Iliana wondered who would win a battle of the magics.

It wasn’t something she was going to wager on, either.

“Momma, I’m fine. Xantos wasn’t the one who sent the attackers and he didn’t do anything,” Iliana quickly said, her words practically running together. She turned to Xantos. “Did you?”

“Don’t bother spewing out a lie, Xantos,” Ceara growled. “I can tell by the sour look beneath that smirk you’re wearing it’s the truth. Pray tell me why, in the names of all the gods, you didn’t bother informing me my daughter was here before now?”

“Because she was sleeping against me, woman... and I did not wish to disturb what may have been her most peaceful sleep in ages. Surely, a mother can appreciate that.” Xantos rejoined.

“As though you could not have informed me prior to that,” Ceara countered, stalking forward. She turned to Iliana, eyes narrowed to what Iliana considered the ‘danger zone’. “You haven’t been sleeping well? Why haven’t you said something to me?”

“I’m a grown woman, Mother; I don’t need a babysitter! I sleep well enough. As for Xantos, I can handle myself,” Iliana interjected. “Xantos, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did, but may I have my weapon back so I can return home? You and mother remind me of a pair of bickering divorcees.”

“Ironic- considering we have never mated.” Xantos mused. “As for your advanced arquebus, I have it here.”

He opened the left top drawer of his desk. Her automatic was placed on the desk top a moment later.

Iliana’s eyes brightened as she picked up her beloved weapon and practically cradled it to her, stroking it almost lovingly. She glanced at her mother and winked.

Ceara rolled her eyes, folded her arms across her chest, and began drumming her claws against her biceps. “Nor do I have any intention of being another notch on your bedpost, Xantos. As for you, my daughter; despite your teasing, there would be no possible way a child could come of my coupling with any mortal being.”

Iliana turned her attention away from her weapon, which she was carefully examining for blemishes or damage from either Xantos or the bullets. “What do you mean by that?”

Eyes still glowing red, Ceara glowered at Xantos. Completely ignoring Iliana’s question, she continued, “If you’re finished here, we need to return to our home world. You’ll be staying with me until those responsible are caught.”

“Like hells I am,” Iliana snapped. “First, I am not staying with you. Nor am I staying with Roland; he’s worse with me than his own pack’s pups. Alesio is still angry with me, so he’s out of the question.” She paused, and then smiled slyly knowing exactly what would annoy Xantos and her mother, not to mention both Roland and Alesio. “Perhaps I could ask Dante? I’m certain he wouldn’t object.”

“My, my... instead of the lesser known evils, she pines for the greater unknown.” Xantos interjected. “No wonder men are drawn to your offspring, banshee. I find myself wishing there were more like her abouts... those that were not my relatives, of course.”

Ceara’s eyes flared and Iliana could have sworn she saw sparks. “Are you saying Dante would harm my daughter?”

“Wait a minute,” Iliana interjected. “I’ve accepted a date with Dante; why in the hells would he want to harm me if he’s been badgering me for a date since he met me?”

“Perhaps you’re merely saying this to try and keep my daughter all to yourself,” Ceara added darkly. “If I could, I would forbid her from crossing between the dimensions, but even I am not that foolish.”

“Oh, such importance you place on yourselves and kin.” snorted Xantos. “Still; I can understand the penchant and need to do so. I refer to... wait... you don’t know. Ah, I cannot spoil such a delicious surprise. I agree that Dante does not intend harm upon either of you. But... as is so often the result, don’t we men usually... heh... burn the ones we love?”

“I’ve already warned her about his horns,” Ceara retorted sharply. “I approve of him, but perhaps you are right.”

“What in the hells are you two talking about? I feel as though I’m in the middle of one giant riddle. Let me guess, the sphinx has the answers to your questions?” Iliana rolled her eyes, crossing her arms angrily. “Fine, I’ll go to Alex. At least if I snuggle with him, I don’t require protection of any sort.”

“Do as you wish. I shall enjoy the spectacle. I will be at your discretion should you need more obsidian ammunition, or advice.” Xantos said from his throne. “May I consider you available for further recoveries or similar works?”