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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A bit of Romance....

Here’s something from “Gifts of the Gods”. Our fantasy novel with a romantic storyline. Of course, we’re still trying to cut out about 48k from it, so it’ll be interesting to see what all ends up getting nixed. (We were having a bit too much fun with this one! LoL.) Anyways, I thought I’d post something completely different. (That’s what I get for reading the current fantasy novels I have – like Karen Chance….)

Backstory: Aeryn is the daughter of Shamazu, goddess of fire and lust, and a mortal. She’s been banished after arguing with her mother about Sham’s attitude and treatment of the mortals so she can get to know the mortals better. Aeryn takes a job as a hostess at a casino in her mother’s city, Blysia Caer; a city devoted to fulfilling one’s every desire. Aeryn has not only inherited her mother’s beauty, but also a great many of her mom’s immortal abilities. The casino is now one of the most influent and prosperous hotel/casinos in Blysia Caer and the majority come to see the hostess who is as beautiful as a goddess but far more gracious and kind. Baudin has his own reasons to seek out Aeryn, and they’re not all good intentions.

The below takes place after Baudin meets Aeryn initially and a few sparks (of the good sort) fly:

"Shall we wait for the bath?" Baudin asked innocently. "I would hate to be interrupted if you have... specific plans for tonight..." His eyes held hers in a smoldering, lustful gaze.

Aeryn inhaled sharply and her eyes closed halfway at his words. "I have no specific plans for tonight," Aeryn replied huskily. "A bath sounds very... enticing."

Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, she watched Baudin from the doorway, wanting to go to him, yet her nervousness kept her feet from moving.

He lifted one hand to her. "May I invite you to join me? We may relax while we wait for the servers to bring the hot water for the bath..." He smiled at her. "You may keep your clothing on, if you wish."

"I... that is..." Aeryn suddenly found herself unable to articulate her words. She closed her eyes and drew a deep breath. Opening them once more, she took slow, silent steps towards him, keeping his gaze as she slowly took his hand. She whispered hesitantly, "Do you want me to keep them on?"

"I want you to be at ease, Aeryn." Baudin said, and his eyes showed nothing but concern and truth. "I will remain covered by these exceptional sheets that Daun has provided, and you may keep your clothing on, until and unless you are comfortable removing it. I have no interest in pushing you, or attempting to force you. I don't wish to be cooked, after all." He gave her a playful wink.

Aeryn blushed deeply as she said softly, "I wouldn't 'cook' you, Baudin. I couldn't." She knew she was being shy, but she couldn't help it. She lowered her lashes and smiled at him from beneath them. "No one else has ever affected me like you do."

"Nor have I been touched by anyone as you have touched me." He blushed a little, and amended his statement. "Touched my soul, I mean, not... well, you know...” he blushed deeper.

Aeryn giggled softly. "I will warn you," she said shyly, turning her gaze from him as she sat on the edge of the bed next to him, "it... has been a while since..." She trailed off, her face growing warmer and uncertain of how he would take her admittance that it had been a while since she had taken a lover.

"I do not care." Baudin said soothingly. "Not of your past, nor how many lovers you have or had. I care about spending time with you, and pleasing you. Is that weak of me to admit?" His hand slid into her right and squeezed gently.

"No, not weak at all." Aeryn replied warmly. She leaned forward, her eyes searching his as she lowered her lips to his in a soft kiss.

"I'm glad you agree." He whispered, and met her lips with his own.

The kiss enveloped all of her senses, and when she felt her mouth open, inviting his tongue to explore with her own, she was only a little shocked at her boldness. The deeper kiss felt even more natural to her than the beginning, when their lips only pressed together. As the kiss continued, and her hand found its way into his soft hair, she let herself drown in the warmth and pleasure.

When the kisses finally ended, she fell back a little bit from him, breathless and swooning. Her half-lidded eyes took Baudin in, and she saw that he was the same as her; breathing hard, almost disoriented, and trying not to fall over.

Reaching up with a slightly trembling hand, Baudin stroked her cheek. "Perhaps we should just lay here and talk until the bath arrives?" He asked in an uneven voice. He slid a little away from her and patted bed. "Please, just lay here, atop the sheets, and we can talk... and recover from that kiss!"

Aeryn leaned into the caress, drawing several deep, equally shaky breaths. Slowly reclining onto the bed, she swung her legs onto the mattress and snuggled closer to him. A playful smile curled her lips as she laid her head against his chest.

"What shall we talk about?" She asked with an impish smile.

"Tell me about your day, Aeryn." He asked still breathless. "I would know how you wiled away the hours until you came to this room." Aeryn heard his words, but once he had begun to speak, she had snuggled in closer, and her eyes had drifted towards the foot of the bed. Her gaze had stopped, however, when she noticed how aroused he had become during their kiss, and was still aroused. The soft, silken covers outlined his body perfectly, showing the gentle, slight movement of the covers as his hardened manhood touched and slid against the black satin sheets. It was as though it had a life of its own; which, in her opinion, it did.