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Monday, August 24, 2009

Feeling Blah...

My muses, it seems, have been sleeping or vacationing somewhere without me. Nothing draws to me in poser, despite wanting to do something creative. Even writing seems to be dragging, unless I'm writing with Mark. Then it goes ok. At least the editing is done, at long last. Of course, the big question with that is: do we have what anyone wants to sell? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, we've still gotta get the synopsis done (procrastinating isn't always a good thing, but it IS fun...). Anywhos... the first week of school for the older terror (Hunter) has gone good. So far. But then, it WAS only three days.... Yes, yes, I know. Give him time. Seriously, though, he's a pretty good kid. When he isn't driving me insane. and now back to my regular scheduled program of work....