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Monday, August 3, 2009

Teaser Tuesday - Scene from unfinished novel

Well, this was an idea we had for a novel involving Xandra's eventual daughter, Antaa. Antaa had the usual problem found in a medieval evil society - she had an unwelcomed suitor way too old for her whom she didn't like.... unworthy suitor had been told to stay away (did I mention she's a young teen and he's way older??) and he ignores that and touches her. She retaliates by putting a dagger to his throat (trained from walking by two assassins and family of fighters...) then runs scared to her mother. Xantos happens to be there at the time, too... here's what happens after they go hear what happened to Antaa... ***** Alyssiana’s smile faded into a frown that grew as she moved through the hallways and corridors of the guild. There was a cloud of death and fear that seemed to seep into her skin and all those around her. Stopping just outside the door to the main room for the students, she frowned as the noise-level of that was considerably less than what it should have been. Little laughter and jesting met her ears this day and she was growing concerned. Her sharp gray eyes searched the room for her two grandchildren, but neither was seen. Turning, she took two steps only to run into Alden Everyn, a Guild Master and dear friend. “Where are Antaa and An’odd?” Aly asked bluntly. “Segav took them out for lunch and has not brought them back,” Alden replied easily. “Xandra is in her office.” Aly’s eyes narrowed. “What is going on, Alden? This is mid-term; they have tests that they need to complete.” “They have been given a reprieve from Xandra and Xantos; I was told to inform Segav to keep them away until tomorrow.” “Why?” Alden smiled slightly. “That is a question best left for your daughter, Aly. May I escort you to her?” “Of course,” Aly smiled. “I’d never turn down a request from you!” The half-elf chuckled and slid her hand through his arm and together they walked the corridors to Xandra’s office. As they neared the administration wing, the smell of death and the metallic scent of blood wafted to Aly’s nostrils. When they turned the last corner that gave way to the entrance to the administration offices, Aly saw the source of the smell and silence: Hanging by the use of ebony chains was the skinless body of a humanoid void of all genitals. It, Aly could not think of this abomination as anything else, had been male; the cuts of where the genitals would have been made that fact obvious. Hanging like one would the skinned carcass of a deer; the bound, outstretched wrists were the only thing holding it up. The skin of the face was the only thing left for identification. The face had been pinned, Aly could not fathom how, to the chest of the corpse. His genitals were not the only parts that had been removed: His eyes had also been cut out, leaving only empty sockets. “Alixandra Myriata Runestar Dredborne Dryzmella!” Alyssiana’s voice thundered as she stormed past the corpse. A door opened and Xandra stepped out to raise silvery brows at her enraged mother. “Mother? What have I done to garner your ire this time?” Xandra asked pleasantly. “You left that…that…” “Corpse?” Xandra offered. “Yes, corpse,” Aly snarled, “For the students and adults alike to see and smell!” Xandra glanced past her mother to where the corpse was hanging. Though she could not actually see the body, she knew what it looked like. She had been surprised upon seeing it herself. “I’m not the one responsible for that, Mother. Great-Father is.” She glanced past her mother again. “Though, I’m almost tempted to ask Great-Father how he did it.” “Alixandra!” Aly exclaimed in pure outrage. “I swear, child, it seems you are growing more like Grandfather with each passing year!” “That is not so!” Xandra exclaimed in disbelief. “I am still far more compassionate and loving than Great-Father! Despite the fact he loves Saporia! I’m not nearly as ruthless as he is! Are you going to condemn me for embracing my heritage? Something you and Father have always encouraged me and Caritas to do?” Aly’s eyes flashed with anger, but she relented slightly, “That may be, daughter, but I do not approve of such a display. Or your participation in such brutality.” Xandra shrugged as she stepped into her office, her mother following her. Dropping into her chair behind her desk, she smiled darkly, “I merely removed his genitals, eyes, and tongue. After which, Great-Father told me to acquire the chains and leave him. I did not argue.” “You…removed his genitals?” Aly asked in shock. Xandra gestured towards a shelf behind and above her mother’s head. Aly turned and her eyes widened. Sitting on the shelf was an ornate glass jar filled with two testicles. “I thought I’d start a collection,” Xandra stated simply. “If Great-Father can collect eyes, I thought it only fitting I keep my threat to many a man and start collecting their testicles.” Aly closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, “I shall never understand your strange way of thinking, my daughter.” Opening her eyes, she turned and asked flatly, “What did this man do to garner such treatment?” “He dared touch your granddaughter, Aly, as well as state falsehoods about her,” Xantos stated, stepping through a silvery portal. Turning to face Xantos she suddenly smiled malevolently. “Well, I would say from what I have witnessed inside the guild, Antaa will not have to worry about such any more. In fact, I doubt there will be any who will dare anger her for fear of what she, or her family, may do.” “What brings you to the guild, Alyssiana?” Xantos asked, smiling mirthlessly. Aly raised a brow. “Cannot a grandmother wish to see her grandchildren without a superior motive?”


  1. LOL, I'm beginning to enjoy this Xandra character. She kicks some serious butt in the vigilante justice department.

    There were a few places I'd shift the punctuation a bit. You'll see them yourself if you read it aloud. Otherwise, very nice. :)

  2. lol, Thanks! Though Xandra isn't the guilty party in this one. Xantos is actually who skinned the guy...

    gives a whole new meaning to "I'll skin you alive", huh? ;)

  3. Very gruesome images. I love it! Xandra is a straight-up bad ass, or should I say, ball buster. :D Well done.

  4. Some vivid images here - brutal and shocking. You do a great job of pulling out the character with the details and dialogue. Good work.

  5. Evil, just evil! Lol. That'll teach the goon to cop a feel. Hey--maybe we need one of these corpses hanging at all the local bars...

    Nice job! :)