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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun, Exciting, GOOD News!!!

YAY!!!! The ad that I did for my workplace was approved and will be used in the booklet/magazine for the conference my workplace is sponsering! This is, to be perfectly honest, the first piece of work that I've done NOT connected in any way shape or form to anything my beloved has done. Ok, well, maybe not the FIRST. I did do the picture for Jammerz, but it wasn't a paid commission or anything. Even if it was very much appreciated and loved by them. :-) It's always awesome to see your artwork on display in a busy store. :-D Anywhos, it was approved by the superiors here at my job and was also approved by the marketing people at the conference. AND, here's the best part (at least for me!): everyone here LOVED it! I might also get lucky enough to be able to do MORE stuff for my workplace. Yes, it's bragging, and it's not anything to do with writing, but it's something awesome and fun. And very, very close to my heart. Just like writing. (It also helped spark my creative muse yet again.) Anywhos, that's my good news... at least the good news I'm willing to broadcast out across the internet, lol. The other good news is more boring or more of the iffy/maybe kind in reference to the current state of my querying. Posting your stats, in my opinion, is begging the Fates to come after me with their Harpies. Oh, and I have also been promised a copy of the booklet/magazine with the ad I did in it. :-)