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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Teaser Tuesday - Gifts of the Gods

Ok, so this is a scene from "Gifts of the Gods".  Aeryn, the daughter of Shamazu (the Goddess of Fire and Lust) has just met Baudin and they've gone out for a day/night of fun.  So, they go to a nice little restaurant to eat where a former patron of the Orexis where Aeryn works as a hostess, decides to intrude.  A fight breaks out involving Baudin, Grunk (a half-orgre) and a bunch other patrons.  Baudin tells Aeryn to scram, which she does reluctantly.  The following is what happens after Aeryn leaves the restaurant.


She had taken only a dozen short steps from the restaurant when a high-pitched, arrogant female voice demanded, "Where d'ya think to be going, ya trallop?"
"Trallop?"  Aeryn asked in amusement, "There's a name I haven't been called before."
"Think yer boy can start a mess with my beloved Grunk an' win, do ya?"  The petite blond, dressed in a faux silk white top and dark blue breeches, walked around to face her.  "Well, he fights for my honor, ya trollop, and will win in my name!"
Aeryn raised a brow, "Actually, if you desire to place blame, place it upon the lout that interrupted our dinner."  She sighed extravagantly, much as she had heard her mother do before Shamazu unleashed her terror upon a mortal or fellow deity.  "Thank you for that information.  Since your beloved Grunk is now fighting the entire restaurant for your supposed 'honor,' you should be quite happy."
"Oh, he's goin' to walk out of there, tall and proud!"  The smaller woman declared.  "Gonna be holding your handsome friend's head for a souvenir!  How der ya like that?"
"Shall we stand here and wait for that, then?"  Aeryn answered sardonically.  "Perhaps there is a nearby tavern we can grab a drink while we wait for the glorious return of Grunk?"
The blonde began to smile, then her expression became sour again.
"Ya'r mocking me an' my Grunk, aren't ya?"  She demanded accusingly.  "I knew ya needed to have the smart knocked out of ya- that's why I'm here!"
Why do they always want to fight?  Aeryn sighed inwardly.  They always claim it is for 'honor', but most wouldn't know what it was if it stabbed them in the heart.
"We aren't waiting for Grunk to emerge to fight, once again, for your 'honor?'  Can you be sure that he'd want that?"  Aeryn quizzed, keeping her smirk carefully concealed.
The woman looked confused, but this expression was also fleeting, replaced by the sour expression.
"Are you fighting for your Grunk's 'honor,' then?"  Aeryn's voice sounded mischievous to her own ears.  But she could not help it; this fool practically begged for a lesson in reality.
"Don't mock us!"  The woman screamed in a shrill voice, and charged.
Aeryn bent her knees, pivoted her torso, and waited.  When the woman's arms were about to grab Aeryn's hair, Aeryn threw her right fist in between the woman's breasts.  Impacting fully against her adversary's sternum, Aeryn knocked the woman two steps back from her.  Gasping, the woman's arms crossed her chest, as if she could gather breath into her lungs.
"That's just a taste, fool."  Aeryn warned.  "Now, go sit down and wait for your pet."
Still gasping, the woman stumbled towards the restaurant.  Aeryn waited, not taking her eyes off the petite blonde.  Her adversary stopped after a few uneven steps, and bent over, facing away from Aeryn.
When the blonde woman straightened back up, she turned, face red and still trying for normal breath.  She held a long dagger in her right hand, and was making her uneasy way back to Aeryn.
"I don't want to know where you kept that hidden."  Aeryn observed.  The woman swung the blade before she was close enough to even have a chance of using it against Aeryn.
Aeryn stepped in, catching the woman's weapon arm easily with her left hand.  She struck with her right, breaking the cartilage at the woman's elbow viciously.  The arm bent unnaturally outward; the dagger fell from limp fingers and a high, piercing scream cut the air, nearly deafening Aeryn.  She silenced the woman with a punch to the throat.  Stepping back, she removed her hands, and watched the blonde adversary crumple to the ground, choking.
The front of the restaurant exploded; glass and wood flew around Aeryn.  As the debris settled, the form of the half-ogre could be seen, carrying two thin humans that Aeryn did not recognize.  Grunk, who was cut, bruised and bleeding, wobbled precariously on his legs.  He was nearly blind; his left eye was swollen shut and blood from a scalp wound poured into his right.  A few steps behind him walked Baudin.  He was a little scuffed, a little dirty, but he walked upright and was smiling.  He brushed dirt from his sleeves as he spotted Aeryn.
The half ogre bellowed in rage.  He was looking at the petite blonde, who had passed out.  Her throat was swollen, but she was alive.  Grunk dropped the two men he had been carrying.  Aeryn presumed they were servers from the restaurant, due to the clothing they wore.  Grunk turned and looked at Aeryn, his unreasoning rage focused on her.
Aeryn sighed, and drew upon the mystical energy around her.  Holding both hands in front of her, she unleashed a wall of fire, roasting the half ogre from throat to knees.  The smell of roasting meat filled her nostrils, but she still poured on the flame.
When she ceased, the half ogre's corpse was still standing, although all muscle and flesh had been burned to bone from his thighs to his breastbone.   Grunk's body finally collapsed, falling away from the petite blonde.  Bone and spine snapped loudly at his hit the ground.  The woman began to stir; her hair burned in places, and one eyebrow singed away.
Aeryn looked quickly to Baudin, afraid of what his reaction might be.  He was, she saw with relief, smiling and nodding appreciatively to her.  She smiled nervously back at him before walking over to the fried corpse.
It took two of the strongest kicks she could muster, and a great deal of pulling with her arms, but Aeryn managed to free the half-ogre's head from the rest of his body.  She dropped it, unceremoniously, into the lap of the waking woman.  The woman blinked, trying to comprehend what was in her lap.
"Something for you to curl up with at night, while you dream your fantasies of honor," Aeryn spat.


  1. "Trallap"--I smiled when I read that. :) This is a great teaser, and Aeryn seems very strong. I'm curious about what happens next. Great job!

  2. Aw, you killed Grunk. I was kind of liking him. Well, his name anyway.

  3. Grunk is a cool name. I wouldn't want to piss Aeryn off, that's for sure.

  4. Ewwww.
    I did like the description of roasted Grunk. :)
    loved the last couple of lines.

  5. thanks, ya'll!!! lol, this one needs some major chopping before we try to shop it around, but it was fun to write. :D I just have to pick through it 'cause of all the erotic stuff in it, lol.

  6. Aeryn is a cool/strong character. This is my first time following the purgy blogs and reading on of your teasers. Very good job!