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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Teaser Tuesday - Heiress snippet

Quick recap on what's going on in my life: Mark has a job at Spirit, a Halloween store, and, well... it's pretty awesome. The kids have colds and my sinuses hate me. all in all, a typical Fall. I've managed to do some actual art (not by the computer, either!) and it's going in the State Fair. We're dropping it off this Saturday. I'll keep ya'll updated and will probably upload pics of what I entered AFTER judging is over. On to the teaser! This is a snippet from Heiress, and one of my most favorite scenes. Mostly because it's Xantos and he's doing what Xantos does best: torturing some poor idiot. :D Xantos is Xandra's great-grandfather and owner/founder of the assassins' guild she learns at. The back story is pretty simple: Budtrizz has spent every day harassing Xandra and she hasn't done anything towards him in retribution. Xantos disapproves of her inaction and her attitude towards the class. So, Xantos teaches her how to properly pick a pocket and tells her to tend to the 'problem' or he will. And if he does it, she's gonna be in trouble with HIM. Not a good thing since Xantos is a powerful magic-user (necromancer) and warlord. So, Xandra has managed to pick Budtrizz's pocket, replace his pocket's contents with caltrops, and get written up for her audacity. She then set his robes on fire before having his beloved plants attempt to strangle him. That's when Xantos entered the classroom and, basically, took over. Without further ado, the scene: “One teaches first by example. A student that surpasses expectation is a prize rarely seen by those that instruct. A foolish tongue cannot aid its mewling owner after it has been torn from the mouth it calls home. Perhaps you, oh great scholar, have heard these pillars of truth?” Budtrizz nodded nervously once before attempting to stiffen his spine further and hold his head a little higher in defiance. Xantos’s smile widened. “Let us take the rest of today’s lesson to concentrate on those first two truths. The third may be presented in today’s instruction.” “This is my classroom-” Budtrizz began. “Perfect,” hissed Xantos, his left hand rising suddenly and sliding in the air above the teacher’s splayed fingers. “We begin.” Budtrizz yelped in pain. His right hand attempted to clutch his left, and then flew away in reflex. The man looked at the scorched areas on the right hand palm: Areas that were precisely spaced and sized to the rings adorning the left hand fingers of their teacher. The metal of each ring on both hands was now glowing. The smell of burning flesh, strong and pungent, filled the room, sinking into everyone’s nostrils immediately following the glow of the metal. Xantos knew from experience it would stay with them for days. Xantos remained unaffected by the smell and throbbing heat emanating from the myriad rings that decorated Budtrizz’s fingers. The docelfar sprang from the desk, holding his arms wide as if preparing to embrace each child, his voice the boom of a vengeful tyrant. “Today’s example, good students: How one’s vanity and pride may be turned against him! See how a simple application of heat transforms petty decoration into a useful instrument of torture.” He turned back to observe the teacher’s “progress.” Tendrils of greasy smoke drifted from each finger. Budtrizz had thrown his hands wide apart in front of him. His head was tilted back, screams from his open mouth cutting the air. Xantos leaned towards Segav, who was too fixated on the spectacle to notice. Grabbing the boy at one shoulder, Xantos pulled him closer to the writhing, crying figure behind the desk. He held the boy in place, and spoke to him in the calm, instructive tone of a teacher. “What do you say, boy? Do you feel educated by this man’s example?” Segav nodded, making a choking sound deep in his throat. Xantos knew at this closer distance, the smell of cooking skin was worse, pouring down the boy’s throat and threatening his breakfast with promises of an early dismissal. “Excellent. What enlightenment can you share with the class?” Xantos prompted, still talking in the same, calm voice. “Do… do not display your weaknesses to others. An enemy more powerful than you will turn them into weapons against you!” Segav choked out. Gods be damned, Xantos mused, I could learn to tolerate this boy.


  1. Ha--I remember this scene well1 I love the creepy Xantos character--he definitely has a unique voice, and you can just feel his power, evil as it usually is. :)

  2. Cheatah! You posted this before. Harrumpf.

  3. I did? lol. do NOT remember posting this one....

  4. I love refined evil, and Xantos certainly has it. I can very clearly picture a smug smile on his face. The dialogue works very well.

  5. thanks, Ink!

    Xantos is the most evil, vile, cruel character we've created. and he's also my most favorite of all the characters we've created....

    i so want a fairy godfather like him.... ;)