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Saturday, June 27, 2009

General Ramblings

Wellll.... We're over half-way through with the current WIP and I have a writer's critique group meeting tomorrow. Since I've been assured romance scenes in the current YA genre can get a bit, um, edgy, Akiela's age is being dropped to 18 or 19. That way we can query either way. :) Nothing exciting going on, yet. Still eagerly looking forward to the ComicCon in San Diego! Yay! My first Convention! We're going to the beach while out there.... Yay! First time to the beach! (yeah, pathetic... but oh well.) Hopefully we can fulfill our agendas while there. ;-) My fellow purgies know what it is, lol. Either way, we're gonna have a great time and the kids will get to see CA and have fun, too. Oh, yeah, did I mention this will be my FIRST VACATION EVER?!?!?!?!? hopefully July will bring less stress (yeah, right, lol), and good news to everyone. Me, I'd settle for finishing the novel, ComicCon (obviously), and starting the querying for the current WIP. editing might be a pain, but at least it keeps me busy, out of trouble (ok, only so much *wink*), and speeds up the querying part.