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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

Well, I was playing in MySpace last night checking out the lastest blogs that have been posted and decided to read Kevin J. Anderson's blog on contest winners wondering who the lucky ones were... and one of 'em was ME!!! This is THE FIRST time I have won anything from a contest like this! I've entered, I've wished, and I've lost. And, the coolest part isn't just winning an autographed HARDCOVER, but the fact it's Enemies and Allies, the newest Batman/Superman mash-up by KJA. (Who I'm hoping to actually MEET while in San Diego at the ComicCon!) Speaking of ComicCon, the zoo is out due to budget restraints, but we're still taking the little ones around Little Italy for lots of pictures and window-shopping and the beach, so it's not a completely loss. We can always take 'em to the Washington D.C. zoo next year... maybe before we go to New York? ('cause I really want to go to New York next year, too!) It'll be interesting to see if we can pull New York off since we're hoping to get our own house next year, too, lol. But I have faith that we'll manage to make it happen. :-D